Adiva  for  Schools

Today’s schools offer their students the best of everything – in education, in sports, in facilities. While you offer state-of-the-art amenities, shouldn’t the medical care you provide also be modern and professional? This is why it makes sense to entrust your medical and healthcare requirements to a specialist like us.

Adiva, with its team of experts, offers medical services to schools in Delhi-NCR. If you run an educational institution, leave your every medical need to us – from maintaining the medical room to organizing health checkups. Which means you can relax in the knowledge that the medical care and attention that your students and staff receive are simply the best.

These include:

Medical room: We maintain and operate your medical room during school hours. If needed, we will also provide you a school nurse for first aid and emergencies.
Doctor on call: We provide a registered doctor, available at an on-call basis to the school. He or she will provide medical consultation and regular health checkups to the students, teachers and staff members.
Health checkups: Our experts conduct health checkups (eye, dental, general, etc.) for students and staff.
Medicines: We assist you in procuring and maintaining the stock of medicines your school is required to keep.
Medical equipment: We provide assistance in procuring and maintaining medical equipment such as thermometer, stethoscopes, weighing scales, height measures, examination lamps, etc.
Physiotherapist: We provide a physiotherapist during matches and sports events – inter school, intra school, state and international, zonal, etc.
Camps: We support the school in activities like blood donation camps, eye checkup camps, etc.
Awareness drives: We assist you in creating awareness among students and staff about medical care, preventive measures against diseases, etc.