Ultrasound & Digital X-Rays

Radiology and Imaging Centre provides imaging services like:

• X-Rays
• Ultrasound
• Interventional Radiology
• Fluoroscopy
The department comprises of highly qualified team of doctors, experienced technicians, nurses and support staff that provides exceptional patient care and services, round the clock. Adiva is equipped with 4 color and 1 portable ultrasound machine equipped with 4D, contrast ultrasound and Elastography capabilities. Conventional radiology has one 600 Siemens x-ray machine with fluoroscopy, 2 portable X-ray units and 2 c-arms for procedures in OT. The department is fully digitized with FUJI CR system and our radiologists have an expertise in specialized procedures.

We perform various ultrasound and fluoroscopic guided interventional procedures like FNAC, aspiration and biopsies. We at Adiva are starting to develop a patient centric approach to radiology that will greatly boost the interaction between radiologist and their patients.

The department also undertakes research studies on clinical imaging procedures and offers short term training courses to the doctors who want to upgrade skills in this domain.

The department is dedicated to improving health through pursuing excellence in image based patient-care, research and training.Fluoroscopy


The Ultrasound of the Radiology Department at Adiva Super-Speciality Care is equipped for:
• Regular Abdominal Ultrasonography
• Musculoskeletol Sonography
• Neurosonography
• Mammosonography
• Ovulation Monitoring
• Neonatal Sonography
• Paediatric Sonography
• Sonography of small parts

Doppler Sonography and few non-invasive procedures are also performed. Further, sonographic examination is also provided for surgical and gynecological practices. Portable, bedside ultrasonography is also provided.


Digital X-Rays offer clear images with a thorough and detailed assessment. Even the re-exposures are not considered necessary. The X-Ray bypasses the patient’s body and the digital camera captures the resultant image. The images are stored for retrieval and processing.

Through our digital X-Ray system, even the very fine details of the body can be enhanced and the minutest of lesions can be examined.