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Dr Sunil Mittal
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Dr Sameer Kalani
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Dr. Srividya Rajaram
Clinical Psychology
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Department of Psychiatry & Clinical Psychology

  • Counseling for problems related to anxiety, depression, phobias and performance anxiety: Anxiety or what is commonly known as "fear" can be crippling and affect a person’s daily life and work equally. Usually anxiety occurs in the form of phobias, like fear of height, closed spaces, speaking in front of a crowd etc. Counseling can be very effective in alleviating such issues using some specific techniques. Depression is a fast growing psychological syndrome characterized by poor sleep and appetite, negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness and helplessness and other related symptoms. Intervention in the form of medication or psychotherapy helps deal with the negative thoughts.
  • Counseling for adolescent issues: Adolescents today face various problems related to their interpersonal relationships, career related stress, difficulty in communicating with family members and self esteem issues and may find it difficult to communicate the same with their family. Talking to a counselor can often help them sort out these as a professional outsider may offer them insights which might be valuable in dealing with their emotional problems.
  • Individual psychotherapy: People often feel the need to deal with their own individual sense of well being, enhance their emotional life or work on certain limiting ways of thinking and behaving. Psychotherapy is a process by which they come to a deeper understanding of themselves and therefore which patterns they need to break or form. It assists them in eventually growing as human beings.
  • Skill building: A psychologist will help the individual in inculcating some necessary life skills like self confidence, goal setting, assertiveness and communication proficiency.

Additionally, our psychologists also help in the psychological assessment especially related to personality, they help a person in learning simple relaxation and de-stressing skills, anger management skills and lastly, psychotherapy for marital and relationship issues is also provided.

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