At Adiva Super-Specialty Care, we are committed to offer novel, comfortable and safe alternatives to open and tedious surgical procedures. Our team of surgeons in the MIS department can perform these surgeries with bare minimum discomfort making extremely small incisions, thereby facilitating quick healing.

These kinds quick procedures offer:
• A shorter hospital stay
• Minimal Infection
• Very less scarring
• Speedy Recovery
• Less Pain
• Reduced Blood Loss

The Various Types of Minimal Invasive Surgery are:

• GENERAL – We offer a wide range of MIS procedures to conquer obesity (bariatric surgery), gastrooesophageal reflux disorder, appendix, gall bladder stones & cancers, and pancreatic as well as intestinal surgeries. MIS in ano-rectal surgeries are also becoming popular.

• UROLOGICAL CONDITIONS – Our surgeons perform a hoard of urological procedures with minimal invasive techniques. We manage kidney disorders (blockage, cysts and stones), kidney tumors, kidney removal, bladder cancer, benign hypertrophy of prostrate (BHP), vaginal prolapsed, incontinence, etc.

• GYNAECOLOGICAL PROCEDURES – Our gynecologists have an expertise in handling ovarian cysts, excessive uterine bleeding, endometriosis, uterine prolapse, ovarian and cervical cancers, uterine fibroids, benign cervical complications and so on.

• ENDOCRINE SURGERIES – Our specialists perform thyroid surgery and laprosciopic adrenelectomy

• NEUROSURGERY/SPINE - The neurosurgeons perform a plethora of surgeries for spinal conditions like cervical and lumber disc hernias, degenerative disc disorders, anterior and posterior cranial fossa tumors, spinal trauma, etc.

• INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY - We have a state-of-the-art radiology and imaging department where the majority of imaging and dlagnostic procedures are performed using the minimally invasive methodology and equipments. Procedures like liver cysts and absecess, ovarian cysts, cysts in lungs etc. are performed.

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